Years 10 and 11 can be a stressful time for your teenagers and you want them to get all the support they can.


One-to-one tuition is proven to be a reliable and successful method of learning. We now offer high quality private tuition in French, English literature and English language




At the student's


All lessons are tailor-made

Develop exam strategies and techniques to be

more successful in

your exam

Excellent knowledge of syllabus for each subject and exam

Can cater for all exam boards

Our courses  follow a fun, participative and communicative approach where the student's learning is at the centre of everything we do.

Our courses


How your child will benefit:

Become more confident

Boost self-esteem

Increase motivation

Develop independence in learning

Professional and experience tutor

Exam pratice


Feedback from experience 

We hosted our first immersion programs in the summer 2017 with two French teenagers,

Théo and Mehdi. Since then we’ve had small groups and one-to-ones from Spain and France.



For the last two years Marie has been an excellent English teacher to my son. She’s great with teenagers as she is both patient and strict. With her help and guidance my son was able to pass his English GCSE, not an easy thing to do as he has dyslexia. We strongly recommend her as an English teacher!

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Get started !


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