All students enrolled in

an English course with

opennesss will be sent

a free level test before

the beginning of the course. The results of

the test will be used to tailor-make the courses taught.

What does your

level mean? 


But what does your level mean?

Here is some information on what each level is, according to CEFR,

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:


Beginner: very little or no knowledge or experience of English


Elementary: can have basic conversation and use common every day expressions



can use and under-stand frequently used expressions to have a basic conversation. Has some knowledge of grammar, can recognise and use past, present and future tenses (not always accurately)


Intermediate: can have basic convers-ations without difficulty but finds more complex issues more challenging to discuss. Makes basic grammar mistakes


Upper Inter-mediate: strong know-ledge of basic and common grammatical structures as well as an under-standing of more complex structures.

Can fluently discuss complex subjects


Advanced: can confidently and fluently discuss concrete and abstracts subjects with minimal mistakes.Can understand most things read or heard. Can confidently write with few grammatical errors

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